Upon reading The Smart Canadian Wealth Builder by Peter Dolezal, we gained a better insight into different types of investments. Consequently, we came to realize the high fees we were paying in our investment portfolios and how that was impacting the potential growth of our investments. We knew we needed to do something. We hired Peter to review our current retirement finances and get investment advice regarding a move to Exchange Traded Funds. He covered every aspect of our finances thoroughly, as he helped us map out a financial plan which allowed us to implement investments strategies new to us. In addition, he helped us look at tax considerations where applicable, and took a clear look at cash flow from retirement income sources, and net worth, current and projected. Peter provided a clear implementation plan not only for investments but also for estate planning. We are very happy with the outcome and find the consultant fee worth it. We highly recommend the services provided by Dolezal Consultants.

Don and Juanita 


We are so fortunate to have worked with Peter. He is exactly the type of independent Financial Consultant we have been looking for. He examines and analyzes every part of your current financial situation and carefully calculates your finances into the future. Peter looks at your current situation and your objectives to come up with a realistic and workable Plan. He provides tremendous insight, rationale and a step-by-step implementation plan. We are feeling so much more confident about our finances moving forward. Thank you Peter!

N. and C.W.

After taking a financial course offered by Peter, we learned eye opening investment information that made us rethink our strategy for retirement. Part way through the course, we decided to hire Peter’s financial planning services.  We had a high comfort level with Peter and we “clicked”, with our decision being based not only on Peter’s knowledge and experience, but his sincerity and integrity as a person. 

After providing our personal in-depth financial information at a one-on-one meeting, which also included our own personal risk tolerance (so important), Peter corresponded in writing to confirm what he saw as our objectives and what his key assumptions were prior to him preparing our financial plan. This alleviated any misconceptions. Peter then came back to us, when promised, with a personalized retirement financial proposal. This proposal  incorporated recommended insurance strategies, estate and tax planning, and utilized our entire net worth (not just investments)  with the recommendation to invest in a carefully-selected well diversified ETF-based Couch Potato structure over a long term period.   

We found Peter to be very experienced, knowledgeable and engaged in sincerely wanting to see us do well and retire very comfortably. We had questions, which Peter consistently answered by email within a day. He has visited with us on more than a few occasions since, answering questions which came up after we implemented the plan. Our financial plan is incredibly detailed, organized and easy to understand, and is backed up with supporting articles and product details. We can’t say enough about Peter and would highly recommend his services to anyone wanting a professional financial plan. We also found Peter to be very honest, easy to talk with, and most importantly, he listened attentively to our concerns, wishes and end goals.  

In closing, we know that being more aware of the entire picture of one’s financial portfolio and having a game plan that makes sense has been a winning ticket that Peter has helped us bring to life. 

Chris & Cheryl

Thank you Peter for a financial plan that was easy to follow, stress free, and practical. Peter is the only financial advisor we have ever truly trusted and felt comfortable with. He listened to our needs, concerns, and goals. We were presented with a realistic step by step financial plan that we can implement and maintain ourselves for many years to come. We are now in control and can finally say good bye to the excessive fees we had been paying. We only wish we had done this years ago. 

Robert & Johanna 

Dear Peter.  

Thank you for undertaking a thorough review of my financial plan in consideration of my new circumstances.  With my revised plan, I look forward to a very comfortable and stress-free retirement that includes my passion for travel.


In the fall of 2017 I took a course from Peter Dolezal to better learn how to manage my finances in retirement. The course was excellent and inspired me to take a more active approach to understanding my own financial situation. Following the course I contracted Peter to design a personal financial plan that would take into consideration my current and future needs. I have been most impressed with the results; not only do I now have a more comprehensive and diversified portfolio, Peter has shown me how to invest my money in a way that will yield considerably more growth over time.  His thoughtful, patient manner in reviewing the plan was most appreciated. I highly recommend Peter as an expert in investment  planning for all ages.


This month happens to be the second anniversary of the time that you presented us with our Financial Plan. The Plan has served us well as both a guiding and a reference document. We refer to it periodically whenever a financial or tax planning question comes up in our conversations. And we are consistently pleased to find the information we need, in the Plan. Thank you for the well-founded guidance that the document continues to provide!
And thanks also for sharing your insights on the world through distribution of the articles that you prepare. The articles touch on a number of issues and views that have struck a special chord with us.

Lorraine and Warr

We want to express our sincere thanks to Peter for reviewing our financial position & doing up a financial plan for us.  Peter is very knowledgeable about financial planning & its implications.  We really appreciate Peter's no-nonsense approach; his comments are very informative, insightful, candid & based on facts given.  Peter is also very willing to share how he personally deals with certain matters if we find ourselves in a similar situation.  For the end result, Peter has given us a very comprehensive guide which includes a step-by-step implementation strategy.  The steps are all very well laid out & easy to follow & implement.  Thank you so much, Peter! 

Rob & Annie

Arlene and I would like to thank you again for developing a financial plan for us. We were very impressed with the level of detail the Plan provided so that it is a very easy roadmap to follow to achieve our financial goals. Our financial situation was complicated but the plan you developed was well thought out, thorough and managed to merge all of the disparate elements into a cohesive plan so that we feel very confident that we can meet all of our financial needs going forward. And provide ongoing social benefits through charitable gifting! Well done!  

Mike and Arlene

Being self-employed, we could never figure out how we could retire one day.  Peter provided us exactly with what we needed; a detailed plan on how to get there.  We now have the peace of mind of knowing we are on our way to reaching that goal.  Thank you so much for everything and for always being just an email away!  

Brigitte & Peter 

Peter: I am very pleased to say that you have produced, at reasonable cost, a Financial Plan that will adequately serve our interests. The tax savings which you also found for us add great value to your advice. In addition you have been available, often on short notice, for questions on implementation of the Plan. Taken everything into consideration, my wife and I are most pleased with your advice and regard it as good value. 


We are pleased with and grateful for the solid financial plan that Peter put together for us.  The plan outlines the complete process and steps of why, when and what we need to do to reach our goal of a comfortable and financially secure retirement. No more feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about the future and no more guesswork. We highly recommend Peter's reasonable, understandable and comprehensive approach of helping people attain their goals and developing a plan that works for them - no matter what their stage in life.  

Ed and Kathi 

Working with Peter has given us confidence in our long term financial plan.  He was able to synthesize all aspects of our situation and to align these with our long term goals and objectives for ourselves and our family.  Each aspect of the plan was clearly explained and justified through measurable data.  What could have been a completely overwhelming experience has left us feeling secure and confident in the steps necessary to reach these goals.   His  "Couch Potatoe" approach is comprehensive and easy to follow. Thanks Peter, for your step by step guidance, that will enable us to implement and monitor our financial plan today and tomorrow and into the future.  

David & Shelley 


As a professional in education, roughly ten years away from retirement, like many others in my situation I was blissfully uninformed about the shape of my finances.  I was uncertain even about whether I would be able to retire at the age that I planned to, and, to what extent I would be solvent / comfortable /wealthy, both at the time of retirement and into old age.  I heard of Peter Dolezal by word of mouth, and after a substantive introductory meeting with him decided to use his services.  I now find myself in a remarkably different place in terms of my thinking about my future.  Peter is exceptionally knowledgable and sensitive to the issues that professionals face in their last ten or twelve-and highest earning-years.   He has, with exceptional rigorousness, helped me to plan out my financial future, in a way that I didn't think was possible.  Peter is always available by email for deeper consultations and advice.  I can't recommend his services too highly.

D.S. Vancouver" 

Peter was introduced to me by a work colleague, and the introduction was at the perfect time for me. I have been impressed by the thoroughness of Peter in making a financial plan for my future; his ability to understand me and my needs and his wisdom. I have already started to put into effect Peter's recommendations. The discipline required by the Plan is something that I need and something that I had not before exercised. I very much appreciate the ability to email Peter, whenever I have need to obtain advice about putting the Plan into effect. I have already recommended Peter to a close friend and will continue to recommend Peter to others. Many thanks Peter.

Paul, Kelowna 

I as a woman coming through a divorce.  I was fortunate to have connected with Peter who helped me navigate through the myriad of financial challenges.  His knowledgeable and straight forward approach was easy to follow and maintain.  Peter has taken the worry out of my current finances and has mad a comfortable retirement attainable.  I would, and have, recommended Peter to family and friends. 

Denise - Richmond, B.C. 

I am so grateful to have been introduced to Peter! He studied my whole financial picture and put together a superb plan for me which I could understand and implement  with ease using his step-by-step instructions. I am confident that my plan will be a total success and am looking forward to a comfortable retirement. Peter is not only extremely bright and knowledgeable but he is also a delightful person to know.

Karen. Kelowna 

 We asked Peter to help us with our planning for retirement as we found ourselves trying to recover from some bad advice years earlier from our previous advisor.  In our early 50’s we needed to make some change in our investments and overall strategy.  Peter immediately put us at ease, gave us frank advice and a clear path forward.  He showed us clearly where we needed to re-direct income more effectively and put a new investment approach in place.  His listened carefully to our goals and provided advice that was timely, detailed and empowering.  Knowledge is power they say and Peter gave us the power we needed.  
Thank you Peter!

C&J, Saanich 

I recommend Peter Dolezal, Financial Consultant. I have been reading his bi-weekly financial advice column in the paper, and have read one of his books, “The Smart Canadian Wealth-Builder”. Peter is an independent financial consulting, so his only fee is clear up front, not hidden in commissions in any suggested investments. He draws on his corporate background and experience, including as a one-time owner of a real estate company, to form the investment and debt-reduction strategies he presents. Being debt-free is a much closer goal than we thought! Thanks Peter.



Peter has amazing insight as to our individual needs and requirements. He has set up a plan to implement for our future retirement that has totally taken care of wondering, “Will we be okay?” His suggestions are to the point and he sets up a guide line of the steps required to make the transition understandable and easy to follow. He has given us peace of mind and lowered our stress level, so that we relax and enjoy life not only in the future, but now!

Steve and Wendy 

Peter Dolezal has provided us with a financial roadmap for the future! He has brought clarity to our current financial situation and has provided us with a clear, documented path to follow that will provide us with a retirement that achieves our goals, allows us to help our children get on a solid financial footing, while also understanding our passion to create a philanthropy fund that will surpass our lives.  Working with someone that is not "selling" us funds was a great asset to developing a trusting relationship.  I would highly recommend Peter. 


 For us, Peter Dolezal is the epitome of a professional Financial Advisor. He listened attentively to our needs and wants. Ultimately he helped us immensely by providing us with a financial plan that suited our personal and family situation. With a young family and little time to give the future the thought and planning it needs, his financial services were very focused and productive within a short space of time. In addition, the continued support from Peter is valuable to us both. Thank you for guiding us so smoothly through what felt like an overwhelming challenge.

Pete and Laura 

 After reading Peter's book, “The Smart Canadian Wealth-Builder” and then engaging him to analyze our financial situation and make recommendations on how we could invest in our future to ensure comfort in our retirement, my wife and I are now comfortable with the investment decisions we have made.  Peter's logical approach in defining the methods we ought to use to achieve our objectives with his "Couch Potato" investing approach has made a great difference in our life.  We can look to the future, knowing that we can ride out any "market corrections" that occur without any feelings of anxiety or insecurity.   We are confident that in the long term, the investments strategy we have adopted will attain the financial objectives we desire.  Thank you, Peter!

Ken and Erika 

Peter was referred to us by some very good friends and we were very impressed by the story 
they told. We set up a meeting shortly after that, and that meeting has changed our lives. 
The plan that Peter has set up for us has given us (mostly my wife) the confidence that we can 
indeed retire comfortably next year and live the lifestyle we have always wanted to.
It feels so good to know exactly where we will be at financially right up to age 90 and beyond.
We have already planned a European River cruise for September 2015 to celebrate our new 
lifestyle!If you are thinking of hiring Peter to set up a “couch potato” plan for you, we encourage you to 
“go for it”. He is a wonderful man and we were so very impressed with his knowledge of the 
investment world! I thought I was doing a pretty good job dealing with our investments until I met 
Peter.The fee that he charged us was fair and I’m convinced the best investment we have made so 
far. Thank you Peter from the bottom of our hearts!

Gary and Catherine Delf 

 Last year I met with Peter as I was concerned my investments were not keeping up with inflation. Being a single senior I had been very cautious. After a very comprehensive preliminary meeting, I felt more enlightened about my situation, adding to my peace of mind. Peter then undertook a very thorough study and suggested changes that would be helpful. I am very happy with my subsequent reports, having made healthy gains. Peter is very easy to talk with and puts his suggestions in layman's terms which is helpful to the novice. I am very thankful for his help and guidance. 


Having attended a financial planning course by Peter this past Spring, I have a better understanding of investments, the realization of the exorbitant fees we are currently paying, and the importance of a smart plan for retirement. We realized that there was still so much to learn and felt confident that Peter was the perfect person to advise us.  He covered every aspect of our finances thoroughly, as he helped us map out a financial plan which will allow us to retire comfortably in the time frame we had hoped for.We cannot say enough about Peter and his expertise. His easy-going manner and his patience in teaching are extraordinary. We highly recommend the services provided by Dolezal Consultants and, of course, his book, The Smart Canadian Wealth Builder, is a very worthwhile read.   

Andrew and Gail 


 Following the 2008 recession and year of lack lustre performance of our RRSP we made a concentrated effort to source a competent and respected financial advisor to develop a holistic financial plan. After interviewing 4 referred advisors we chose to work with Peter. Our Plan has empowered us and it has performed as intended! Halluyah! And, we were able to easily update it three years later after two significant changes in our lives. Oh, and thank you Peter for the periodic financial updates. 


My wife and I are recently-retired physicians. We needed advice on managing our portfolio in relation to our anticipated expenses. We have a well-funded portfolio, but  were unsure how to budget month-to-month - we didn't want to spend either below or above our means, but didn't know how to go about planning for this.     We engaged  Peter Dolezal on the basis of his extensive knowledge of the financial world and his excellent reputation. He did an utterly thorough assessment of our situation and made useful suggestions as to how we should manage month-to-month expenses.     Moreover, he suggested changes to our portfolio which make great sense to us. He did not make extravagant claims about what returns we should expect, but we believe his advice was sober and very likely to be fruitful based on his own track-record.     He also made suggestions in terms of estate planning that have allowed our children and grandchildren access to  funds that they can make great use of  -  paying down their mortgages, funding RESPs and the like. These suggestions have been a great boon to our family already.      We are very pleased we asked Peter to do this plan for us. I believe his fee is a great bargain. We have had more than our money's worth already. Value added: he keeps clients apprised of what's taking place in the markets, and gives advice whenever changes in the portfolio are needed. He answers our questions by email fully and promptly.  

Sincerely,  Drs.Trevor & Cynthia Watson

(Drs. T & C. Watson have requested their full names be included) 

Thanks Peter for a solid financial plan, considering all facets of our expenses, investments, tuition costs and taxes. With your expert, objective wisdom, we have reinvested our monies, and reduced our debt significantly in just one year. We are now living within our means, no longer incurring debt we cannot keep up with. A comfortable retirement is on the horizon!  


 After being retired a few years and realizing I was floundering without any kind of structured financial plan, and knowing my investments were not making anywhere near what they could be, I realized I needed professional help... so I contacted Peter.  He assessed my situation and using his financial knowledge, experience, and expertise, he quickly put me on the right track with a detailed personal financial plan.  Now I know my investments will make considerably higher returns than they were, and I have a financial 'map' to guide me through the next 30 years.  I would highly recommend to anybody who finds themselves in my previous situation, that they get in touch with Peter and request a free estimate... you will immediately begin sleeping better.

Owen, Retired Data Analyst living in Sidney 

I needed an investment strategy to fund my retirement. I'm so glad I engaged Peter Dolezal to help.Peter designed an organized, easy to follow financial plan, tailored to my personal financial needs and goals throughout my retirement. My plan included clear instructions for setting up an investment portfolio I can manage myself avoiding high management fees. Thanks to Peter, I’m planning a comfortable stress-free retirement that includes travel.I also recommend Peter’s book, The Smart Canadian Wealth Builder, for a practical guide to financial management and investing.  



 Peter helped us to develop the financial road map for our retirement future. In a very logical and professional manner, he

  • Thoroughly examined our financial data and provided a very detailed analysis of our present situation
  • Projected the potential growth of our existing investments
  • Highlighted the areas of potential strength and weakness
  • Identified issues which could be fine-tuned or changed
  • Emphasized the tax implications of our decisions
  • Mapped out possible strategies for achieving our objectives
  • Provided an overall investment plan
  • Gave us insight into family issues and disposition of our estate

We anticipate incorporating a significant number of Peter’s suggestions into our financial and estate planning 

Richard and Elizabeth 

 I am grateful to Peter for guiding my weak portfolio in a new direction. The plan he developed to keep me financially viable is comprehensive but simple enough for me to set up and maintain myself, avoiding high MERs. It is a gift to have the recommendations of a totally unbiased adviser.
Thanks Peter.


We were so fortunate to have found someone like Peter with the knowledge and background that he has. He was able to objectively look at our personal, financial and business situation and give us great advice and a specific financial plan. I only wish we found him sooner!

Darlene and Peter 

 I am a retired person, who, very recently, took a course given by Peter Dolezal on "Financial & Investment Planning for Retirees and Near-Retirees".  My knowledge before taking his course was very "limited" - most of my money was in mutual funds.  Yes, of course, I was paying those very high MER fees which Peter very often warns us about in his newspaper columns.  After completing this course and reading his book "The Smart Canadian Wealth Builder" my knowledge has been elevated considerably about the alternative in ETF investments and the most reasonable fees involved.  Being a recent widow, with no one to talk about changing my strategy in the investment world (I did not want to go to banks/credit unions for advise for they have their own agendas for making money for themselves not the client).  I was very nervous (at first) but with Peter's guidance/patience and knowledge I changed my portfolio to a low-cost ETF-based approach.   

Peter Dolezal's expertise in wealth creating strategies and ability to share his knowledge in a well organized, easy to understand, and comfortable manner proved to be an invaluable gift to me. Upon meeting Peter my investment knowledge was limited and my portfolios' performance reflected this.  After establishing my retirement goals, financial needs, and level of investment tolerance, Peter generated a comprehensive, and easy to follow financial plan that could be implemented by me for years to come.   With Peter's guidance and book, “The Smart Canadian Wealth-Builder”, I'm now comfortable being in “charge” of my finances, and will reap the benefits of a growing investment portfolio minus the high MERs.  I can confidently say that I will be able to retire at an early age and live very comfortably.  Thank you Peter for your dedication in developing my unique financial plan and for bringing clarity to this subject.

Jenny - Physiotherapist. 

We would like to thank Peter Dolezal for helping to “demystify” our financial portfolio.  Not only did he clarify and simplify our investments he made sure we were totally comfortable with our new financial planning strategy.  We wish everyone could have the benefit of Peter's vast financial knowledge.

Barb and Ron - Retired. 

 …just wanted to extend heartfelt thanks from Denise and I, for the clarity and direction you’ve provided for us and our kids. Looking at the path to retirement has always been daunting as it requires the alignment of numerous dynamic elements. Your thorough, unbiased analysis of our current position and our future goals has really brought things into focus for us.  Your expertise in objectively assessing our unique needs and creating a meaningful roadmap for us has been both enlightening and motivating.  We now feel like we have a “plan”, a detailed holistic plan with proper attention and weight being placed on all the right components.Best of all, the plan requires very little effort or expertise on our part to implement and maintain.  Your service has given us a renewed confidence in our family’s future and we’re excited about putting the plan to work for us.Truly an empowering process! Thanks Peter!!

Allan and Denise

Ps.  Where were you when we were twenty five……?  

The financial plan that Peter designed for us has been a lifesaver for my wife and I. We felt like we were constantly drowning in our financial challenges. Our financial plan changed all that. Now we have a comprehensive, yet simple to follow plan to guide us toward achieving our financial goals. Peter provided us with all the tools necessary to implement the plan, and we know that as long as we stick to it, our retirement goals are within reach.Thanks, Peter. With your help we now feel that our financial independence is achievable, and we are looking forward to a comfortable retirement! 

Mark and Jennifer 

We only wish we had met Peter years ago. At this point in our lives we need to generate post-retirement income which includes the strategic liquidation and reinvestment of  certain assets. Peter provided the guidance and advice on how to best implement a plan to fit our needs. We’re extremely grateful to him for showing us how we can achieve our retirement objectives, and also in advising our adult children on setting up home ownership plans. We’re very pleased and relieved to have an attainable, concise, step-by-step plan to follow. We also highly recommend Peter’s books which are a “must read” for young and old alike!

Stella and George – headed for retirement. 

 We wish to thank Peter for an in-depth review of our financial situation. He provided an independent assessment of where we stood and gave us a starting point for achieving our long-term goals. The detailed report provided a useful reference to ensure that we stay on track, but also that we make any necessary changes along the way. Peter showed us areas where we could make our money work better for us. Overall he provided us with a more precise focus for all our efforts, and made us realize how much our hard work so far, is paying off. Peter’s book is an excellent guide to financial planning. We hope the school system will come to use it as a key educational tool.

Deb & Brian 

Peter is the only investment advisor to give me unbiased information. His information is not motivated by sales commissions. He put together a detailed plan specific to our retirement goals. Acting on Peters advice we have cleaned our portfolio of duplicated investments spread through several mutual funds. The end result being lower MER's and higher cash flow into our account. His no nonsense approach to investing has reduced the stress I was feeling with my former investment strategy. His thorough information gave me the confidence to take control of my own portfolio.

Ben and Susan 

Peter has inspired me to take an active role in my financial future.  His wealth of knowledge with regard to how the financial world turns is invaluable. My new financial plan, designed with my lifestyle goals in mind, has given me the confidence to proceed.  Peter’s common sense approach and realistic outlook is refreshing!  Thank you so much Peter for helping me to achieve my financial freedom and for helping me on my way to realizing my dreams of travel...now to read your book "The Naked Traveller"!!!..no debt..no debt...no debt...


I want to thank Peter for his efforts in familiarizing me with the various investment options available to me in my retirement.  My previous advisor did not serve me well, and because of high fees and poor investments has severely impaired the historical growth of my funds.  With Peter’s assistance in developing my financial plan, I am prepared to take control of my own finances to ensure a more financially stress-free retirement. I also learned a lot by reading Peter’s book The Smart Canadian Wealth-Builder, as it explained the basics of personal financial planning and investing in a very practical and understandable way. 


For several years I used a full-service brokerage firm to manage my RRSP and LIRA.  Peter analyzed my situation and within a few days gave me concrete, actionable advice that was relevant to my present and future circumstances.  I am convinced that his advice is far more valuable and unbiased and will mark a milestone in my personal financial management. 


Thank you Peter.  The financial plan you have prepared and presented to us provides a vision and direction that we will be able to use for many years.  A lot of time and thought has gone into this well prepared plan.  You’re the best. Thanks again Peter.    

Richard & Sue

After learning a lot by reading Peter Dolezal’s latest book, “The Smart Canadian Wealth-Builder” we retained Peter’s services to guide us in developing a comprehensive Financial Plan. Before seeking his totally independent advice, we did not appreciate how good our financial future could really be. We are grateful for the opportunities our new Plan offers us and our children. We found the entire exercise to be very enlightening and empowering. Thanks Peter!

Lynn and Marvin  

If you are reading this then you are considering using Peter Dolezal to help you formulate a plan for your future in the often confusing world of finance and financial planning.  I want to encourage you to continue with Peter as this is the right place to begin whether yours is a first-time financial plan, or you are beginning begin anew like us.  

We had used various financial planners in the past but all were associated with some corporation, and in the end they wanted us to purchase their products, so they were of course biased.  Also, they wanted our money in the form of hidden and not so hidden MER's and other fees charged to us on a perpetual basis!   Peter had no financial interest in future fees charged to us as there were NONE, so he was able to OBJECTIVELY give an honest opinion on our current method of financial planning as well as detailed methods of improving it.

Peter provided a very clear straight forward plan taking into account all the complexities of our unique situation.  Perhaps complexities is putting it mildly.  However, these did not phase Peter. He was able to sift through piles of paperwork and issues, and provide a clear and simple plan for us to follow.  In the end he gave us a detailed plan that was easy for us to follow.  Additionally, it did not require we miss out on life now to finance a future. Instead, the plan showed us how to better utilize how we spend our money now, to allow for a great future. Our only regret is that we did not utilize Peter's services when we first had the chance, thus wasting time and money. If you are questioning whether or not you can afford Peter’s services, then trust us when we say you cannot afford NOT to hire Peter.  We know from experience how easy it is to lose tens of thousands of dollars or more based on bad advice or ignorance.  Peter's services are a BARGAIN, and I mean BARGAIN, when you look at the big picture and how much it could cost you to remain in the dark.  Plus you will have the peace of mind knowing he is looking out for your interests alone, and not that of a corporation or another individual. Complex issues, complex decisions made simple, thanks to Peter Dolezal. 

Thank you Peter.  Russ & Julie 

I received Peter Dolezal’s book “The Smart Canadian Wealth-Builder” as a gift and have found it invaluable as a reference for family financial planning. Peter is able to articulate quite complex financial processes and concepts in terms non-experts can easily understand.Before retaining Peter, we used a commission-based full-service brokerage for many years. The comprehensive personal financial planning strategies that Peter recommended for us have significantly improved our future wealth-management goals, and the chance to enjoy an earlier retirement than we ever thought possible.Thanks Peter.

Adrienne and Mark 

 "Why do you keep banging your head against the wall"? he asked. "Because it feels so good when I stop". A metaphor here to the continuing discrepancy in your portfolio returns. Discover the fees and 
commissions your adviser has taken from your investments since inception.  Measure  that against  your meager at best  portfolio growth. To experience how good it feels to stop this nonsense, have a 
meeting with Peter Dolezal.  

Doug and Anne 

After reading Peter's new book, The Smart Canadian Wealth-Builder, we were most impressed. The information it contains is exactly what the ordinary Canadian on the street needs to know. We then retained Peter to assist us in developing a comprehensive Financial Plan to serve as our roadmap through our retirement years. The result exceeded our every expectation, and with the Plan's recommended changes, greatly eased the concerns we had with our previous strategy. A truly enlightening exercise, which we can highly recommend. We particularly liked Peter's independence, in that he sells absolutely no financial products - only providing totally objective analysis and advice.

Harry & Carol 

Peter recently completed a full financial and retirement plan for our family and a small enterprise. He has a very unique combination of personal charm  and a deep understanding of finance and investing. Very easy to talk to and a real good listener. We really feel this is our plan with Peter’s smarts on board.  Only wish I have is that I would have spoken to him 10  (may 20) years earlier. If you want an objective 3rd party look at your finances, he is the guy to call. And his books are a good straight forward read. Well done.

Barb and Mike

We found Peter’s holistic approach to assessing our current financial position and abilities in terms of a financial strategy refreshing, empowering and of great value.  The process was interactive, informative and it yielded a clear road map of where we are, where we want to go and what we need to do to enable our desired lifestyle.

Greg and Marie 

We thought our situation was going to be impossible. How could we travel and renovate our home while raising our children and still enjoy life along the way? We were both losing sleep at night wondering how we could improve our situation. Our friends were thrilled at their meeting with Peter and suggested we have him formulate a specific plan that would address our goals. It appears Peter has done the impossible!We now have a plan that allows for travel, renovations and savings, while still enjoying life with our daughters at the same time. Peter has guided us through the process of financial planning and translated the complicated jargon into an easy, understandable format. We feel that a weight has been lifted off our shoulders, and now we can implement our plan and watch our dreams unfold.We believe that every couple should have a financial plan and a meeting with Peter is a great place to start!

Pam and Don 

Peter, I’m so thankful for your gentle, clear and knowledgeable guidance. Once you completed a thorough review, you assisted me every step in a most comprehensive manner in implementing the recommended Financial Plan. You have given me an invaluable experience which has enabled me to embrace my financial future with confidence. Thanks. 


We are so glad we hired Peter to be our financial advisor. After interviewing advisors from banks and mutual fund companies, we found Peter's unbiased, fee-for-service advice was the most complete and simply made the most sense to us. He put together a very detailed financial plan which he reviewed with us in his easy to understand manner. It feels great to have a plan and be in control of your own finances!

Thanks for all your very valuable insight Peter.

Lisa and Brian 

Thank you, Peter, for your help in putting our financial affairs in order. We had failed to do this ourselves on several occasions,  but your clear thinking and analysis of the situation resulted in an excellent solution to our problems. Again, many thanks for a job well done.  It is much appreciated.

Barbara and Colin 

I was very disappointed with the performance of my investments and chose to seek another opinion. I was fortunate to locate Peter who provided me with unbiased input without trying to sell me any products. Peter was able to grasp my overall situation and outlined solutions to mistakes that had been made in the past. I am looking forward to the future.  Ken 

I found myself getting increasingly frustrated as I watched my Mutual Fund investments spiral downward. I decided it was time to start to look for a way to help myself, my children and my future. I began by taking Peter’s course, “Wealth Building & Wealth Preservation”, which taught me the basics of financial planning in simple, easy to understand terms (along with his book!).  I was now able to take control of my own finances because I understood a lot more about how things work in the financial world. I went a step further a decided to hire Peter as a consultant. He kindly helped me build an investment portfolio that will enable me to retire earlier than I expected. He took into consideration my personal and family goals and needs and built a financial plan that will most likely help me meet these goals. He patiently taught me and helped guide my decisions on what to invest in and where and I was able to easily learn to do this all on my own - saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in fees! Now I can sit back and relax and I know how and why my investments are growing, I have control! Even in the short time I have been doing this I have already benefited from dividend returns on the stocks I have invested in and although I am not surging forward in large amounts, I am no longer back sliding in these volatile times! This alone has given my great comfort and I am indebted to Peter for sharing his great knowledge and wisdom. Thank you Peter, you are a wonderfully patient teacher!

Sincerely, Heidi. 

 We recently engaged Peter to review our financial situation.  From the outset we found him easy to work with.  The process he used to gain an understanding of a client’s financial situation was comprehensive and thorough.  He very quickly developed a plan to suit our circumstances and presented it in a most clear and informative way.  We have referred to this plan extensively over the past weeks as we put it into action.  Peter has been readily available to answer follow-on questions and we continue to benefit from his advice via his periodic email blasts to his clients.We would highly recommend Peter’ service to anyone seeking expert advice on personal financial matters.

John and Anne 

 Al and I are among the vast numbers of families with deep beliefs, just like this one: "I owe, I owe, it's off to work I go".We are both close to retirement age, have always worked, but never having any idea how to get ahead financially, especially after having 2 kids, a mortgage and more. Being an average family and wanting to know what to do with our money, we have gone to 2 financial advisors over the last 15 years. We felt that you need an advisor when you have money to invest, not when you need help to get out of debt.Last year, a friend  lent me Peter’s book, “The SMART CANADIAN WEALTH-BUILDER, I have read that book with such interest because I could finally understand the language as it was geared to young adults, Peter’s own grandchildren. I finally met Peter this Christmas and he was definitely my “gift of a lifetime”. Peter came to our house, looked at our finances, and made us aware of possible ways to get out of debt. He also showed us how to have money for retirement without giving up our lifestyle and even included future travel. Finally, here was someone that could make us feel in control of our finances, without judging us for what we had done to date. Peter looked at our future with an open mind. My reluctant husband is now convinced that Peter saved us financially, and I am once again believing in my favorite quote: “never give up, never give up, never give up.

Johanne and Family 

Peter was great in creating a financial life plan and giving us direction in managing our own portfolio through the use of ETFs, with less advisor fees involved. Thanks, Peter!  

Cathy and Dennis 

Dale and I wanted to thank you Peter, for your help in clarifiying our financial situation.  Your detailed plan, including future cash flow and investment projections was most helpful.   

Ron and Dale

 After reading Peter's book, "The Smart Canadian Wealth- Builder", I had some questions for him about our current and long term financial goals. I found Peter to be very easy to talk to. Within no time, I was confident he could help my wife and I realize our dream of semi retirement at age of 55 and complete retirement at age 60.  It was a great relief to see that our goal could become a reality after seeing his financial plan. Many thanks Peter.

Stan & Joanna 

 We had the good fortune of meeting Peter at his book signing. After a brief chat on personal finances, we decided when the time was right for us to ask for his advice on Financial Planning.  After several hours of personal discussions in our home, Peter worked out a very comprehensive 10 year + plan that will fit and suite our goals and lifestyle with all the aspects of good returns, lower costs and a worry-free investment style. Both of us liked the final product and detailed instructions, again with a one-on-one meeting that explained clearly the 'what & why & how ' of the suggested plan. We would be pleased to recommend Peter to others who are or have been unhappy with their current financial roadway. We are in-process of initiating his recommendations and plan to keep in touch if we need further assistance on this new direction, or have other questions.

J.J. W. C.  

Our first contact with Peter was through an investment course offered by Elder College. We were impressed by his presentation and, as we had concerns as to our financial situation, we engaged him to draw up recommendations for us. His attention to detail, and his interest in our personal situation was impressive. The final individual reports were extremely detailed and gave us direction in planning our financial future. We would strongly recommend Peter to anyone who requires direction in planning their financial strategy.

Colin & Barb 

 I came across Peter at a Sidney market and bought a signed copy of his book.  I (we) then read the book.  I have a background in Economics, and am reasonably well read in regards to investing in general.  I had just incorporated the year prior and was attempting to get our financial house in order.  As part of our financial overhaul, I booked several appointments with various financial planning firms throughout Victoria.  Problem was, none of them could answer my specific questions about investing and incorporation status.  I then found Peter’s webpage and emailed him these questions.  To my surprise, we corresponded over the coming weeks on numerous occasions by email and Peter was more than able to answer my questions, which the others could not.  As a result, we decided to have Peter assist us with our overall financial “house”.  He had a calming demeanor on coming over to our house, and ultimately provided us with an overall financial picture / plan that we believe will assist us to achieve our annual and retirement goals.  I believe in Peter’s investing philosophy overall, which helps for sure.  We are thoroughly impressed with the final product we received, and would not hesitate to refer Peter to others (we have already done so).  Thank you again Peter for all of your assistance with getting our financial “house” in order and establishing a plan that will hopefully prepare us well for our current and retirement years.   

Mike & Christina. 


Peter’s excellent insights helped us immensely in setting up a financial plan for retirement.  He listened carefully, took accurate notes, and soon came back to us with a well-detailed plan which we are now in process of implementing.  Thank you, Peter, for getting us started on a clear and positive path!      

Jack and Val

A sincere note of thanks to Peter Dolezal from Allan and Betty. Peter offered us precisely what we have been seeking - a plan that not only provided investment recommendations but also estate planning. We have been DIY (do it yourself) investors for the last 45 years, with good results, but the time had come when we needed more than that, and Peter has provided the “fee only” advice we were seeking in a exemplary way. 

Allan and Betty 

Thank you for your help, Peter. I was left without any idea of what to do about our mutual funds after my husband died. He had complained that we seemed to be losing money and I knew that I had to do something, but didn't have the knowledge that I needed to make good financial decisions. With your help I now have a much better idea of what to do and a better financial plan for the future. 


 We are now approaching our first year after having hired Peter Dolezal for a full financial review.  

After reading Peter's book, 'The Great Canadian Wealth Builder', we decided to seek his advice.  After meeting with Peter and providing him with our full financial information, along with our retirement goals, he went away and did the necessary research which led to a full personalized written report, with a retirement formula that would ensure our financial comfort into the future.

What makes Peter different?  Most portfolio managers have something to sell and usually their advice is slanted to products that are profitable to them.  Peter is the only financial adviser that we have found that offers pure financial advice without selling or recommending a product that provides him with ongoing income.

Peter's recommended plan has exceeded our expectations along with his unexpected ongoing advice and contact.  We highly recommend Peter for his financial expertise, sound advice, approachable manner and easy going personality. "

Laurie & Gary 

I recently undertook a major overhaul on my investments with Peter's help, reducing the yearly fees to the smallest amount possible in an easy-care "couch potato"  portfolio. My Plan came prepared in a well-organized binder that was the basis for an in-depth discussion. Peter encourages questions -- at any time, even after the initial consultation.  Communication is excellent and best of all, all advice is independent and not associated with the interests of any individual or financial institution -- it's all about personal attention to the client's best interests.Thanks Peter!


We knew Peter was bright and conscientious but we were delighted to find the plan he developed was so well tailored to our goals as well as easy to execute. We found the time he spent ensuring we understood our options was a tremendous investment and education. If you're like us and have been putting funds in the market but you've no solid plan - speak to Peter. Our smartest move yet.  

Candy & Peter 

It is very refreshing to consult with someone who is  completely independent, has nothing to sell or gain from this process and has a wealth of knowledge to share.  Peter’s in-depth analysis of our investment portfolio and his advice is explained thoroughly and easily understood.  Consulting with Peter sooner would likely have been advantageous to us.Thanks Peter!

G&A - North Saanich 

Thanks Peter, although I doubt this will be the last communication ------ both Anne and I would like to thank you profusely for your professional guidance over the last 4 months as we have worked with you through our complex finances to a stage where we feel confident and secure as we move into our retirement years. We particularly appreciated the “Post Plan” support as we implemented your recommendations. 

Cheers, CW (M.D) 

I am very pleased with Peter’s overview of my investment portfolio . He analyzed in great detail the short and long term returns of each fund manager, and made some excellent suggestions regarding consolidation , tax efficiency , minimizing fees , and the use of ETF’s. Peter is an excellent communicator , and presented his recommendations in a simple and professional manner.I really like Peter’s practical and disciplined approach to investing—it’s exactly the advice I was looking for.


 I want to thank you Peter, for helping me simplify my financial affairs, and for the financial plan which you formalized for me.  As a recent widow who had to make financial decisions for my future, I really appreciated your professional, independent advice.  Since I delayed implementation until I returned from an extended absence, I am also grateful that we could meet again to go over the implementation process, before I acted on it.

Thanks again,  Glenda

Peter has taken the time to fully understand our situation and offer a comprehensive Financial Plan for us. He provides prompt responses to our questions, and we enjoy working with him.  

Many thanks,Lance 

We took Peter’s workshop last Spring and realized how much we had depended upon commission-based advisors, and how much they were taking out of our modest retirement funds. The best thing we did last year was have Peter look at the entirety of our financial situation, and lay out the way forward so that we could keep our money working for us. His investment advice and expense suggestions were invaluable. However, we now appreciate Peter even more, if that’s possible. He recently stepped in to rescue us from a potentially disastrous situation with our substantial asset, our house. From the onset of winter, a ring of seven houses around us belched smoke continuously, fumes entering every room. We were told by Island “air experts” that there was nothing we could do. Desperate to stop wheezing and heal our sore throats and red eyes, we were hours away from engaging a realtor to sell immediately. We reached out to Peter for help with the financial aspects. Instead of accepting the experts’ opinions, he applied the same clarity and research that he uses to analyze financial situations. Headvised us to “find the best air purifiers you can (he had found some online that do trap small particles and gas), seal every opening, potential leak and electrical outlet; and do NOT sell until YOU are ready to, preferably in spring!”. We prioritized our indoor space over the smoggy neighbourhood. Within five days, we found, bought and installed two miraculous air purifiers that have changed our lives and we sealed every opening in the house (the fireplace and attic hatch sealed with plastic and tape aren’t going to set a décor trend, but health over looks!). Most importantly, we are back in charge of our finances and our health, thanks to Peter’s sharp and accurate focus that is not influenced by outside “noise”. We thank him from the bottom of our hearts, lungs and wallets, as we can now look after our financial health. 

Llew & Maggie W. 

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